About us

Export markets of seafood products are developing, especially processed products. Catching up with the abundance of raw materials available at domestic seafood processing factories and the demand of the worldwide market, Phi Long Production - Import Export Co., Ltd has researched the chain from production line to exporting processed instant fried seafood, convenient products for everyone. Phi Long Company is located in Vinh Loc 2 Industrial Park, Long Hiep Commune, Ben Luc District, Long An Province, by 01A National Road that is very convenient to transport to nearby ports.

Founded in 2000, Phi Long Company has made a strong investment to launch new products for export and domestic markets, enhanced and created a new direction for seafood products

Owning adjacent location to the main road, Phi Long Company has advantages in receiving and associating with seafood processing companies in the provinces of An Giang, Vinh Long and Dong Thap that creates stable raw materials sources and develops momentum for the company. With those favorable conditions in additional with various ranges of sea food, diversified export markets as well as good database of customers with huge demand, the company has the potential to make a jump in business.

With the mindset of supplying the market with best quality, ensuring food hygiene and safety, bringing customer the safest – fasted food, Phi Long company has gradually affirmed itself as well as its products on both domestic and foreign markets. Until now, the company has built and completed quality policies and being certified HACCP, ISO, HALAL, etc.

Phi Long's products include key products: Fish skin, Instant fried marinated fish skin, fish maw, ect supplied to the export market.

The fried seafood products have the outstanding advantages of bringing delicious taste, crispy, can be eaten immediately, served with hot pot or cooked with other food as consumer’s taste.

Especially, the two main products of Phi Long company including crispy fried fish skin and spicy fried fish maw are nutritious instant food, suitable for many tastes. Fish skin and fish maw are well known for rich collagen, gelatin and very good for health. Fish maw contains many vitamins, minerals, lipids that help to strengthen the body. The fish skin and fish maw are marinated and fried bringing tasty flavor and quick melting in the mouth. These are convenient and high quality instant food, not containing cholesterol and good for cardiology system, therefore they are very popular with consumers and becomes best-selling items in the market.

Phi Long's products are manufactured from large-scale factories with large areas, modern technology and advanced production lines. The factory is well equipped with modern technique in production process. Equipment and machines are installed in accordance to HACCP standards to ensure food safety and hygiene. In addition, the company has been building a quality management following ISO 22000.

The establishment of the factory also helps improve the efficiency of seafood production, processing and export as well as meeting demand of domestic and foreign markets. More importantly, the factory also solves the local employment problem and contributes to the socio-economic development of Long An province in particular and the Mekong Delta in general.

All of Phi Long's products are produced in a closed production process. From frozen agricultural and aquatic raw materials through strictly controlled stages according to ISO, HACCP ..., we have created crispy products with many different flavors meeting various demands of consumers.

In order to secure smoothly operated production process, Phi Long Company has organized strong work force with more than 300 professional, experienced and professional employees, ensuring all products to customers always with safety and best quality.

With the efforts of the whole team, Phi Long Company has achieved its target: export turnover reached over 95%, being recognized and certified “Vietnamese high-quality goods” by Vietnam Enterprises Association.

Time by time, Phi Long Food company has become reliable partner of both domestics and foreign customers. Crispy sea food products have approached many countries in the world including Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, Canada etc.

In addition to producing the best quality products for customers, Phi Long Company always focuses on building a safe, professional, friendly, open-minded, transparent working environment where everyone always supports each other. Each member is an important factor contributing to the development of the company.

With all the ongoing effort, Phi Long Company is confident to bring safe, qualitative, convenient products and prestige to customers. In the future, Phi Long company will expand the export market, build and develop more optimal products to consumers as well as make fried and frozen seafood products more and more popular.